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Ranunculus Bulbs

Ranunculus bulbs, also called persian buttercups, produce rose-like flowers with impressive double heads early in the summer. Members of the buttercup family, they come in a rainbow of colours and are prolific bloomers. Pair your ranunculus with other summer favourites like allium bulbs to add glorious height to your summer display.

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How to grow ranunculus

Ranunculus (Persian Buttercups) are summer bulbs that do best in a sunny or partially shady spot with moisture-retentive soil. They’re tender bulbs that don’t tolerate frost. Protect your ranunculus with frost protection fleece or add heavy mulch if you experience mild winters. If you regularly see frost and snow where you grow, keep your ranunculus bulbs in pots and bring them indoors over the winter.

Plant your ranunculus bulbs between September and December into containers with well drained, peat-free compost. Soak your bulbs for a whole day before planting. It’s important to place the ‘claws’ on the bulbs facing downwards in the soil. Bury each ranunculus bub around 5cm deep, claws down, with around 10cm of space around each bulb. Water the newly planted bulbs with a light sprinkle to avoid disturbing them. Make sure that your ranunculus don’t dry out as they grow through spring and summer. Keep your planted containers in a cool, frost-free space through the winter.

Are ranunculus perennial?

Yes, ranunculus is treated as a herbaceous perennial in warm climates. In cooler climates they tend to be treated as tender annuals, being replanted every year as they’re not frost hardy. Keep your ranunculus bulbs in a frost free space during the winter months if you want the same bulbs to bloom again.

When do ranunculus bloom?

Ranunculus bulbs start to bloom in April and carry on until July, filling the early summer with their colourful double blooms. Persian buttercups make splendid cut flowers and have a good vase life too. Pick your flowers in the morning when they’re at their freshest.