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Buddleia Plants

Buddleia plants attract butterflies and other pollinators with their blooming clusters and vibrant colour, forming a lively addition to your outdoor landscape. As with a number of garden shrubs, buddleias are relatively low-maintenance and hardy, and will become established fairly easily if placed in plenty of sunlight. Choose from a variety of colours in our range.

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When to plant buddleia

You can plant hardy buddleia at any time of year, but be sure to water sufficiently if planted during summer when they’re in full leaf. Deadheading of varieties such as buddleja davidii, for example, will prolong the flowering period. Warm and moist spring conditions provide the best conditions for planting the less hardy buddleia.

Where to plant buddleia

Hardy buddleia thrive in a sunny location, with full sunlight encouraging optimal flowering. Steer clear of especially windy sites, as there’s the risk of branches breaking during storms, potentially unsettling the entire bush and exposing roots. Also gauge how big the mature plant is likely to get to ensure you give it enough space.

How to plant buddleia

Plant buddleia in well-prepared ground, making sure the hole is deep enough for the root ball and at least twice as wide. Add compost or manure to the soil and firm it up around the roots, with the root ball just below the surface. Water in and maintain moist – but not soggy – soil for around 18 months until the plant is well established. For buddleia in containers, use peat-free multipurpose compost and add slow-release fertiliser for the plant’s first summer.