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Fig Trees

Fig trees may look exotic but there are many varieties that are suitable for growing in the UK. Give them a sunny, sheltered spot or try growing in a pot in colder parts. With eye-catching foliage and delicious fruits, they are a great choice for any garden.

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Fig trees – more info

Fig trees are best grown with restricted roots to encourage lots of fruits. Either grow them in a large pot or, if growing in a border, place paving slabs around the planting hole to stop roots spreading. If you’re short on space, try growing the dwarf variety ‘Little Miss Figgy’ or for something different, try ‘Panachee’, which has unusual green and yellow striped fruit.

Which fig trees are self-pollinating?

All the fig trees we stock are self-pollinating with ‘Brown Turkey’ and 'Violette de Bordeaux’ among the most popular.

Are fig trees evergreen or deciduous?

Some fig tree varieties are evergreen, but those grown in the UK are deciduous.

Should I prune my fig tree?

Pruning a fig tree will restrict its size and encourage more fruit. It’s best done in spring and again in early summer.