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Courgette Plants

Courgette plants are an easy way to grow this versatile crop that can be eaten cooked or raw. An essential ingredient for Mediterranean dishes, it really is the taste of summer. Companion plant with peppermint, dill, oregano or parsley to help deter pests.

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Courgette plants – more info

Little says summer like a freshly picked courgette. We’ve got ‘Golden Glory’ for adding sunshine to your plate, compact ‘Sure Thing’ for smaller spaces, and ‘Twitter’ for striking dark green fruits. Can’t decide? Why not try our Courgette Collection.

How big do courgette plants grow?

Most courgette plants will spread to cover a metre square. However, some varieties such as ‘Sure Thing’ are more compact.

What do I feed courgette plants?

Feed regularly with a high potash fertiliser once they start to produce fruit. Water well, especially in warm, dry weather.

Do courgette plants grow well in pots?

They can be grown in pots but need a large container of at least 45cm wide that’s filled with good quality multi-purpose compost. They will need to be kept well-watered, but avoid wetting the leaves as this can lead to fungal disease.