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Vegetables to Sow in June

Check out our favourite veg seeds to sow in June. Now that summer has fully arrived, celebrate by direct sowing French bean seeds into the vegetable patch and in containers on the patio. These crunchy beans are a perfect summer accompaniment to proteins and are perfect mixed into a fresh salad niçoise. Read our June gardening advice for all things summer sowing and harvest at Dobies blog.

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Vegetables to sow in June

By the end of this month summer is official! However, another month means more veg to sow on the plot and there’s plenty to keep you busy with over 170 varieties to choose from. As June brings more sunshine than showers and the warmth is settling in, the threat of frost is no longer the problem it was.

On this month of June, don’t forget to make new sowings of salad, beetroot, carrots and lettuce, so you can enjoy fresh salad throughout the summer.

Remember to thin out your seedlings or you will get smaller crops from the overcrowded rows. Protect carrots from carrot fly and cabbages from caterpillar damage by covering the crop with fleece or netting.

Plant out greenhouse-raised brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, courgettes, cucumbers, marrows, runner and French beans. It’s an ideal time to prepare the greenhouse against hot days by shade netting or shade paint.

Check out our handy blog for more helpful tips and June allotment advice.