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Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket plants elevate your garden displays with colourful and eye-catching flower combinations. These hanging basket flowers span all shapes, sizes and colours to complement your designs – from bright and perky petunia plants to beautifully cascading begonias. For instant impact and wow factor, browse our pre-planted hanging baskets.

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Hanging basket plants – more info

Hanging basket plants are excellent value for money. They thrive in the small basket space and provide trailing colour, greenery or scent – sometimes all three – to your hanging display. There’s a crossover with the excellent container plants range in this collection, so why not stock up on blooms for the patio, too? Narrowing down which hanging basket plants are the best for your garden is easy following the advice below.

What are the best plants for hanging baskets?

Choose trailing plants for your hanging basket to make a big impact. The best hanging basket plants are vibrant annuals like begonia, nemesia and calibrachoa. Choose a bright and cheery mix to fill your basket in spring.

When to plant a hanging basket

For a vibrant summer display, plant your hanging basket in May just as the weather begins to reliably warm up.

How many plants to put in a hanging basket?

Pack your plants into a hanging basket closer than you would for a perennial display. Try to plant four plants around the outside of the basket with two in the middle, depending on how large your basket is – aim to plant up a thick and bushy display.

Which hanging basket plants for winter?

Pansies, violets and bellis flower in winter making them ideal candidates for a winter hanging basket. Use an evergreen filler like ivy to fill gaps and bring a lovely trailing look.

Easy hanging basket plants

The easiest hanging basket plants are the cheerful annual bedding plants. Go for a pre-made mix like petunia ‘Sky Mix’ to plant yourself, or take even more effort out and choose an easy pre-planted hanging basket like the peach toned ‘Fruit Salad Pre-Planted Basket’ for fuss-free, instant impact. Simply hang your pre-planted basket, water and enjoy!

Which are the best trailing hanging basket plants?

The best trailing hanging basket plants are the tuberous begonias, surfinia petunias and delicate bacopa. Use a few different plants to create levels in your basket. Always add a few compact plants like petunia to the top of the basket to close up any gaps. For the largest trailing blooms, try fuchsia ‘Wedding Day’. These cascading leafy stems drip with ruffled, double blooms in candy pink and white that draw the eye on a summer day.