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An easy to grow, low maintenance addition to your vegetable patch or allotment, view all our onions and shallots below.

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There are plenty of onion and shallot bulb varieties on offer to add diversity to your garden or allotment. Such as the sweet Italian, early-cropping Radar and even the spicy Red Gourmet types. Satisfy your taste buds and explore a range of varieties that will transform your favourite recipes. Don’t forget to browse Dobies garlic bulbs for more natural flavour enhancers!

Dobies Top Tips For Onion Sets

Onion sets are easy to grow when planted in well-drained, fertile soil. Plant in a sunny position for best results and make sure you weed regularly! You may get the occassional hungry garden bird when new sets haven’t rooted yet. Use plant protection to prevent this and make sure that birds do not become trapped in mesh or netting.