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Spring Planting Garlic

Spring-planting garlic can be planted in January, February and March for delicious harvests from June to August the following year. Garlic thrives in well-drained soil and sunny locations, making it an easy crop for gardeners of any level. It’s also a fantastic companion plant, as the strong odour helps to protect veg like carrots, broccoli plants and kale from unwanted pests. Explore our full selection of hardneck and softneck garlic bulbs to find the perfect choice for your patch.

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Spring-planting garlic – more info

Planting garlic in the spring offers a convenient and rewarding way to enjoy growing your own flavoursome bulbs. Ensure your garlic thrives by watering regularly, especially during dry spells, and keep the area weed-free to reduce competition for nutrients. With minimal care, your garlic will mature beautifully, providing you with a bountiful harvest. See below for more advice on growing your own garlic.

How to plant garlic bulbs?

Our spring-planting garlic is best planted in January, February and March. Start by selecting a sunny location with well-drained soil. Break apart the bulb into individual cloves, keeping the papery skins intact. Plant each clove about 10cm apart.

Which garlic bulbs give more cloves?

Softneck garlic varieties, such as ‘Picardy Wight’, tend to produce more cloves per bulb compared to hardneck varieties, making them ideal for those who want a higher yield from each bulb.

Which garlic bulbs give the most flavour?

Hardneck garlics, such as ‘Rose Wight’ tend to produce the strongest flavour. However, the larger hardneck varieties can’t be stored for as long as softneck garlic.