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Delphinium Plants

Delphinium plants are a classic and stately stalwart of the country or town garden and ideal for the back of a border, where they stand head and shoulders above most other summer bedding plants and perennials in lovely blues, whites and pinks.

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Delphinium plants – more info

The tall, richly coloured spikes of delphinium plants can add an emphatic elegance to your garden, and the blooms are a magnet for pollinators. These versatile, low-maintenance flower plants thrive in full sun to partial shade and enrich any garden with their charming hues of blue, purple, white and red.

Are delphiniums perennial?

The majority of delphiniums are hardy perennials, although there are also annual and biennial delphiniums. The flower stems have single or double flowers, with petals densely packed around a central eye.

When do delphiniums flower?

The tall, colourful spikes of delphiniums typically bloom in late spring and early summer, spanning June and July, with the flowers reaching over two metres tall in some cases.

How to grow delphinium plants

Delphiniums are sun-loving plants. Choose a location that provides full sun to partial shade and ensure the soil is moist, rich and well-drained. Adding compost will promote growth, and mulching around the base can help retain moisture. Regular watering is necessary, especially around dry periods, but avoid waterlogging. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage continuous growth, and cutting back after the first bloom can encourage a second flush of flowers later in the season.