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Green Manure Seeds

You’ll find a range of quality, nutrient-rich green manure seeds below. Green manure has a number of benefits for growing crops. It can help add vital nutrients to the soil while making planting and weeding easier. Check out our informative guides below to discover more about how green manure can help your crops.

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What is Green Manure used for?

After a busy season growing your own veg there is often a lot of bare soil leftover once spent plants have been cleared off the plot. Green manure is a great way to cover bare soil and help with a number of problems that can arise like soil erosion, leaching and rain damage. Often, weeds begin to colonise and fill the void too. 

If you sow Dobies Green Manure instead, this will avoid these issues and instead return valuable nutrients to the soil and improve overall soil structure. They also control movement of air and water through the soil, which suppresses those pesky weeds. When spring arrives and the new growing season is on the horizon, Green Manures are dug back into the soil and continue their job to protect, improve and provide nutrients to the soil's overall health. 

How to grow Green Manure from seed?

When you have finished harvesting and your crop is removed from the soil, you can immediately prepare for a Green Manure Sowing. 

When to sow green manure seeds?

Wildlife and pollinators receive additional benefits from Green Manures from their abundance of nectar and pollen from many different varieties. You don’t need to use artificial fertilisers on your soil if you’ve sown Green Manure, which keeps the environment in mind too. 

If you are an organic gardener or enthusiast alike, then Green Manure is essential for your veg patch or allotment. It will help retain moisture, stop erosion and nutrient loss, which reduces the need to dig. 

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