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Brussels Sprout Seeds

Brussels sprouts are a stalwart of the Christmas dinner table, and you either love or hate them. A versatile vegetable, sprouts crop from autumn through to spring, depending on when you sow. For early crops, sow in frames or under cloches during February. For main crops, sow on a finely-raked seed bed outdoors from early March to late April. Pick the sprouts when they are walnut size by pressing downwards to remove. Top Tip: Plant firmly on light soils or earth up around the stems in autumn as the plants may topple over in strong winds.

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What makes Dobies Brussels Sprout seeds special?

A classic tradition at Christmas, Brussels Sprouts are a member of the Brassicas family and are far more than a plain vegetable they are often perceived to be. We love Brussels Sprouts for being so tasty and versatile in cooking, and they are also very hard plants and will survive through the winter. Exposure to cold weather even helps them become full of taste. 

Dobies range offers new and unique varieties to try like ‘Red Rubine’ and ‘Flower Sprout’, which you won’t typically find in the supermarket. Alternatively, if you prefer continuous cropping, the ‘Continuity Mix’ will feed the whole family.

How to grow Brussels Sprouts from seed

When should you plant Brussels Sprouts seed?

To achieve the most delicious Brussels Sprouts, the key is to be patient, as they are a slower crop to mature on your veg patch compared to other vegetables. The time to harvest is when a small tight ball has developed on the plant stem. Support the plant with canes if necessary. It’s important to note that you should never grow on the same ground the following year, so move on to soil that did not contain Brassicas last year.

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