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Cabbage Seeds

There are cabbages of all shapes, colours and sizes for all seasons, tastes and recipes. If you choose your seed varieties carefully you can enjoy year-round cropping! Cabbages are listed under separate headings according to maturity. Top Tips: Don't discard too many of the outer leaves when preparing cabbage as this is where vitamin levels are highest; Try planting garlic chives amongst your cabbages – it’s said to deter attack from cabbage root fly.

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Why grow Cabbage plant seeds? 

No matter the season, there’s potential for cabbages to harvest all year round if you do a little planning. Purple, red or green, Dobies range of Cabbage Seeds come in all shapes, forms and sizes and are a renowned vegetable in allotments all over the world. They are versatile in cooking, and a statement in roast dinners, a cabbage adds flavour and texture to hot and cold meals. It gets better, Cabbages are rich in nutrients and packed full of vitamins. They are particularly a great source of folate and potassium. 

Dobies range of cabbage seeds can fit all your growing needs and there is a cabbage which can adapt for you. Add flavour through the Winter like 'Winter Jewel' or if you prefer a crisp red Cabbage, ‘Romanov’ is a popular choice. Last but not least, a traditional favourite ‘The Savoy’ is a must on the plot. 

How to grow Cabbages from seed?

How deep should you sow cabbage seed?

Sow in a seedbed at the depth of 13mm. Germination will take between 7 and 12 days. When the cabbage plants are big enough to handle they can be transplanted. They dislike acidic soils, so try a PH test and add plenty of Organic matter to raise the PH if required. 

Final tip: To ensure that crisp and fresh taste is retained, they store well in cool dry conditions.

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