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Broad Bean Seeds

The broad bean is a classic vegetable that’s easy to germinate and grow, and it’s full of nutrients, protein and roughage. For early crops sow recommended varieties in a warm, sheltered position from late October into November or in January.

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A must-have addition to every plot big or small, Broad Beans Seeds produce high yields and guarantee flavour you can’t buy in the supermarket. Home-grown crops are the way forward, and Dobies has a wide range of Broad Bean varieties that can be sown both early spring and autumn. The autumn sown beans help maintain soil structure throughout the dark months and provide a high yield crop early summer. 

If you plan to grow your own, try ‘Karmazyn’ for a good source of protein or ‘Crimson Flowered’ for stunning flowers and an ornamental edible in the flower border. 

Sowing Information:

Sow from February to May for summer cropping. Sow the seeds 5cm (2in) deep in double rows with 23cm (9in) between each seed and each row. Harvest the beans when the seed shape is just visible through the pod. Top Tip: Pinch out the plant tops when in full flower for better-filled pods and to avoid infestation with black fly.

How to grow broad beans from seed

Final tips: Supporting Broad Beans with canes might help once they get large but if they are planted in blocks they can self-support Support. Dig them into the soil after they are spent as they are incredibly good for soil structure.

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