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Cut Flowers Range

I’ve always loved growing flowers in my garden and on the allotment, especially when you can cut them and enjoy them in the house. This year I have added more of my favourite flowers, from the award winning calendula ‘Calexis Orange’ with its quilled blooms, to the unbelievable black poppy ‘Black Swan’. If you are just after a flower that will bloom within weeks and last in a vase, it has to be Linaria ‘Licilia Azure’ which forms tiny snap dragon flowers, perfect to add to your summer borders.

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Heritage Veg Seeds

There are plenty of older ‘Heritage’ varieties which have stood the test of time and will give a taste of yester year, including Pea ‘Champion of England’ that was grown by Darwin and was even mentioned in his book ‘The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication’ 1868. Plus, there are more modern varieties which are firm favourites, including Tomato ‘Ruby Falls’ which is perfect for a smaller greenhouse.

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New Rob Smith Range New Rob Smith Range

Say hello to new varieties…
with the Rob Smith Range

Take the guesswork out of growing your own with our exclusive Rob Smith range.

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Veg Plants

Our Rob Smith veg plants are all about getting the most from your hard work in the garden (or on the allotment!). This exclusive selection of vegetable plants is packed with show bench winners, unusual varieties and old favourites, and every single product has been chosen for its flavour and performance.

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Fruit Range

Above all, these varieties have been selected for their fantastic flavour. No matter if you are using them in jams, crumbles, pies or just eating them fresh from the plant, you can't beat the taste of home grown fruit.

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Garden Tools Range

'Made using traditional methods, combined with modern engineering, my tools are really made to last. Carbon steel tools are hard wearing and have the ability to be honed to perfection by the user.'

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