Cut Flowers Range

My ‘Cut-and-come-again’ flowers are just that. You cut them and they come back again, in the garden usually in around 2-3 weeks’ time. We have divided into three types of cut flowers – fillers, spillers and thrillers, for arranging.

Heritage Veg Range

‘These are varieties that have stood the test of time and produce amazing crops. They are also what my grandad used to grow, that taste takes me straight back to helping him in the garden as a child.'

Fruit Range

Above all, these varieties have been selected for their fantastic flavour. No matter if you are using them in jams, crumbles, pies or just eating them fresh from the plant, you can't beat the taste of home grown fruit.

Garden Tools Range

'Made using traditional methods, combined with modern engineering, my tools are really made to last. Carbon steel tools are hard wearing and have the ability to be honed to perfection by the user.'