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Bare Root Plants

Bare root plants from Dobies arrive ready to plant straight away. Our range of bare root plants includes hardy annuals and dependable perennials that create a spectacular garden display. Popular favourites include our quality bare root roses, full of delicate colour and scent with climbers, hybrid teas and rangers available below. Use our border perennials range to find even more economical ways to fill your garden with colour.

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When to plant bare root roses

The best time to plant your bare root roses is during their winter dormancy between November and March. If the ground outside is too frosty to dig, either heel in your bare root plants into damp sand in a dark place until a thaw, or pot them up in a sheltered space like a greenhouse.

How to plant bare root trees

Aim to get your bare root trees into the ground by late autumn so that their roots have the most time to establish underground before spring growth. Dig a square planting hole for your new bare root tree, making sure it’s deep enough to comfortably accommodate the roots. Backfill the hole, bury the roots, and make sure the juncture between root and stem is flush with the soil level before giving your new tree a really good water.

If you’re planting a bare root hedge, the easiest way to get multiple bare root trees into the ground at the same time is by digging a shallow trench. Lay your bare root trees along the trench leaving around 30cm between each tree. Cover the roots with soil up to the root stem juncture. It can be a good idea to add a double row if you want a thicker screen.

It’s important to water your new tree and hedge every week for the first year, increasing to twice a week during the summer months until it establishes.

Are bare root plants better than potted?

Bare root plants are a really economical way to plant up the garden. They’re also an easy way to get lots of plants into the ground at the same time because they are usually smaller and soil-free, so start with bare root if you want a new hedge or want to plant lots of shrubs in the border. Bare roots do require patience through the winter months but don’t lose faith! That bare stump will be covered in fresh green growth come spring.

Potted plants are great for instant impact. They always have top growth, and are often at a more mature stage of growth meaning they can be planted at any time of the year. Planting potted plants is a more pricey but quicker way to fill the garden with greenery and colour.