Plant Sizes

For speed and convenience - If you have limited time or facilities for gardening, but still want the satisfaction of "Growing-your-own", Dobies easy to grow plants are the answer. Our range of plants has been developed to make life easier - from Extra Value Plug Plants (Miniplants) through to Super Plug Plants (Potted Plants) - they are delivered carefully packed, in first-class condition, direct from our nursery to your doorstep at exactly the right time for you to grow them on prior to flowering. All plants come with full growing instructions. (All sizes shown are approximate as top growth varies between varieties.)

Our young plants are available in the following size options:

Extra Value Plug Plants ( Miniplants)

The most cost effective plants you can buy! - Approx. 5cm in height

These are our best value plugs. We've germinated the seeds for you and grown them into small plants. They will need to be potted on, which will take a little care, but you know how many plants you will get and the value is superb. Each plant costs as little as 9p, and each pack contains 45 plugs. Delivered last week of March til end of April.

Value Plug Plants (Easiplants)

Great value young plants, all ready to grow on - Approx. 7cm in height

These plants have been grown on in larger plugs and while they will still need potting on, they are larger and a little more robust. From as little as 25p a plant they can provide the perfect balance between value and effort. Each pack contains 20 plugs. Delivered early April to mid-May.


Garden Ready Plug Plants

Superb Value plants, plant straight into the garden - Approx. up to 9cm in height

The great solution to busy time, these plug plants have been grown on to the point where they are ready to plant in your garden. They still represent great value and leave you free to sit back and enjoy watching them grow! Each pack contains 15 plugs. Delivered mid-May to mid-June.


Super Plug Plants (Pot Ready Plants)

Approx. up to 12cm in height

Some of the highest quality varieties have to be nurtured from cuttings. These are then pinched out to provide an extra-robust plant, which is ready to thrive in your garden or pots. For the very best results you want to pot these on in the greenhouse for a few weeks before planting them out in their final location. Each pack contains 6 plugs. Delivered April to mid-May.

Potted Plants

Up to 20cm in height

These are large potted plants for ultimate convenience! Well established plants in various pot sizes (as detailed against each plant) that can be planted straight into their final positions


Important: Young plant despatch information
Please note though, because young plants grow quickly and must be delivered at the optimum stage of development, we are unable to alter these times or supply for specific dates within them, or hold orders for a later date.