Group Scheme for Gardening Societies

Group Scheme for Gardening Clubs and Horticultural Societies

If you're an organiser of a gardening group, an allotment club or a horticultural society then we can save you money on seeds, plants and gardening equipment!

With the Dobies Group Scheme, you can save as much as 50% on normal catalogue seed prices and can receive up to £30 of free seed for your organisation.

We have many years experience in dealing with Garden Club customers, we'll send you copies of our catalogues and order forms to distrubute to your members and you can then send the orders direct to us - it's that easy! We can deliver the goods to or direct to your members if you'd prefer.

5 great reasons to join the Dobies Discount Scheme

  • Save up to 50% on normal seed prices
  • Free seeds on orders over £100
  • Direct delivery to your members
  • A great choice of seeds, plants and equipment for your allotment or garden
  • Minimal administration for your organisation

To receive your Free Dobies Group Scheme enquirer's pack, just complete the form below ensuring you include your name, address and postcode within the 'Organiser's Address' field.

Working to bring you the best seed varieties for your gardens and allotments

Each year, on our trial grounds at Occombe in Devon we grow thousands of flower and vegetable seed varieties. The purpose of these trials is to ensure that the seed stocks we supply are true to type, and to ensure that they perform as you would expect in your garden.

Although it's very much a working trial site, we do have open days in mid-August when Garden Clubs and Societies are welcome to visit us.

If you'd like more information about the Trial Grounds please contact us.

Dobies Trial Grounds day

Above: a previously held Dobies Trial Groundday.