Welcome to the BBKA shop in association with Dobies

Welcome to our new online gift shop with over 150 bee related products to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend this Christmas. We are delighted to be working with Dobies who have a proud reputation of selling seeds, plants and more, direct to customers for over 100 years. They are providing the trading services for us and the profits from the sale of products on these pages will come directly back to help the work of BBKA.

  1. Bee on it

    Bee on it

    Celebrate all things bee with this collection of bee products for all occasions.

  2. Bee in it

    Bee in it

    This collection includes soothing products inspired by nature, created with quality beeswax.

  3. Bee homely

    Bee homely

    Make your garden a haven for bees, with our selection of quality bee hives and homes.

  4. Bee wild

    Bee wild

    Create habitats for wildlife in your own garden and lend nature a helping hand.

  5. Bee in the garden

    Bee in the garden

    From bee-friendly flowers to hives for them to call home, this collection’s all about the garden.

  6. Bee wear

    Bee wear

    This collection of bee-inspired jewellery includes bee charm earrings, necklaces and even cufflinks.

  7. Bee informed

    Bee informed

    Browse our great selection of books and learn everything you need to know about the lives of bees.

View our catalogues online

View our Catalogues online

Our online catalogue makes it easy to stay one step ahead of the seasons when it comes to your garden and growing. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy your outside space all year round, including deals, new products and old favourites. Take your time, pick your favourites and start planning your next touches to your garden!

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