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Mushroom Plug and Kits

Grow your own mushrooms with our handy mushroom windowsill kits and plugs, choose from popular varieties such as the White Button to the more exotic Shitake Mushrooms.

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  1. Mushrooms Plugs - Twin Pack Quick View

    Mushrooms Plugs - Twin Pack

    Delivery within 7-10 days 60 Spawn Plugs (30 of each variety)
  2. Mushroom Grain Spawn - Button Quick View

    Mushroom Grain Spawn - Button

    Choose from 50g or 100g Packs
  3. Grey Oyster Mushroom Book Spawn Quick View

    Grey Oyster Mushroom Book Spawn

    Delivery within 7-10 days 50g Oyster Mushroom Spawn
Showing 13 product(s)