Vegetable Plants

Dobies have been supplying plant by post for 30 years and we make it easy for you to grow your own vegetables. In addition to vegetable plug plants we also feature Onion Sets, Shallot sets, Mushroom Spawn and Garlic and don't miss our separate section of Seed Potatoes.

  1. All Vegetable Plants

    All Vegetable Plants

    Browse the Full Range of Vegetable Plants
  2. Asparagus Plants

    Asparagus Plants

    Established Asparagus Plants from Dobies
  3. Beetroot Plants

    Beetroot Plants

    Forgotten to sow your seeds, then use our Beetroot Plants
  4. Broccoli Plants

    Broccoli Plants

    Established Broccoli plants for your to grow on
  5. Cabbage Plants

    Cabbage Plants

    Grow Bumper Cropping Cabbage Plants
  6. Cauliflower Plants

    Cauliflower Plants

    Packed with Nutrients and an Allotment Favourite