Dobies of Devon is home to an excellent select of top-quality herb seeds.

Whether you use them for flavouring or garnishing purposes, herbs have a number of uses. We have a great selection of herb seeds for sale, including basil, cressdill and mint seeds.

The great thing about herbs is they’re so easy to grow. Just choose your seeds, find a space on your windowsill or in your garden and you’ll have extra flavour in your life within weeks!

Place your order online with Dobies of Devon today. Want to grow more produce at home? Check out our range of fruit trees too.

  1. All Herb Seeds

    All Herb Seeds

    Browse our Full Range of Herb Seeds
  2. Basil Seeds

    Basil Seeds

    Enjoy fresh Basil when you sow your Basil Seeds
  3. Chives Seeds

    Chives Seeds

    An essential garden herb for cooking
  4. Corriander Seeds

    Corriander Seeds

    An essential ingredient in Indian cooking
  5. Cress Seeds

    Cress Seeds

    Egg and Cress sandwich anyone?
  6. Dill Seeds

    Dill Seeds

    Dill is best used when fresh
  7. Fennel Seeds

    Fennel Seeds

    A great aniseed taste