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Weather Vanes and Sundials

Our stunning range of decorative weather vanes can be used anywhere – on the roofs of houses, sheds, summer houses and more - and you’ll always know the direction of the wind. Don't forget to check the time as well with our stylish sundials.

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  1. Duck Weathervane Quick View

    Duck Weathervane

    Delivery within 7 days Duck
  2. Stainless Steel Weathercock Save 25% Quick View

    Stainless Steel Weathercock

    Delivery within 7 days
  3. Weather Vane - Cat & Ball Quick View

    Weather Vane - Cat & Ball

    Delivery within 14 days Cat & Ball
  4. Weather Vane - Cockerel Quick View

    Weather Vane - Cockerel

    Delivery within 14 days Cockerel
Showing 10 product(s)