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House Plants

From dazzling orchids to large-foliage centrepieces, house plants can transform any living space into something special and improve our health. Whether you’re looking for a splash of colour, extra humidity in a room or even to increase productivity at work, house plants are a beautifully natural way to do so! Our range has been selected to provide you with inspirational indoor growing options, no matter the size or character of your space.

House Plant Themes

Selecting the right house plant for your home is very exciting but, with a wide range of varieties to choose from, it can also be daunting for many. We’ve made it easier for you to select the perfect partner by creating our house plant themes. You’ll find plants to fit colour schemes, plants to give your room a tropical feel, and even collections you can create yourself!

View Our Amazing Red and White selections

Rich Reds, Soft Whites

From luxurious azaleas to the unusual Christmas cacti, our Rich Reds & Soft Whites range provides festive cheer – all year round!

View Our Amazing Wonderful Winter Whites

Wonderful Winter Whites

From delicately scented jasmine to stunning orchid cascades, our Wonderful Winter Whites collection will warm even the coldest winters!

View Our Amazing Tropical House Plants

Tropical House Plants

With plants originating from South America and beyond, our Tropical House Plants will bring a wave of tropical warmth to your home.

Make Your Own Gifts

Make Your Own Gifts

From homely house plant mixes to Pots of Love, you can give a truly personal gift to your loved ones by making your own this year!

House Plant Varieties

House plants are becoming ever more popular as people learn about the benefits of keeping them in their home or workplace. We’ve carefully selected our ranges to include the very best customer favourites and exciting new varieties, to help you breathe new life into your living space, with many plants improving air quality and even productivity at work!

  1. Amaryllis


    Unique and attention-grabbing, amaryllis bulbs create a truly dramatic display. Why not grow your own Christmas decorations this year?!

  2. Anthuriums


    Whether you’re looking to brighten a table top or need something larger for your home, anthuriums span the colour and size spectrum.

  3. Azaleas


    With lavish flowers in an array of colours from rich red to soft white, azaleas are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to your home.

  4. Calatheas


    With truly spectacular foliage and colouring, calatheas provide structural beauty around the home in a wide range of variations.

  5. Cacti & Succulents

    Cacti & Succulents

    Succulents and cacti are perfect for homes of all shapes, sizes and character, and they’ll also breathe life into your work environment!

  6. Orchids


    Orchids are among the most breath-taking plants you can grow or gift to a loved one. Better yet, we now have easy-care varieties in our range!