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Wildlife Garden

Helping wild birds is extremely rewardarding and remember, these birds rely on regular food from feeding stations so once you begin regularly feeding, don't stop.

  • The more feeding stations and the wider variety of food you have available, the more birds you will attract to your garden.
  • Carefully choose the positions in which you place your feeders.
  • It is advisable to make fresh water available.

A Guide to feeding birds: When, What & Where

Many people think this advice only applies to the winter months when birds need a higher proportion of fat to maintain their body heat. However, many birds are not able to get the nourishment they need to stay fit and healthy enough to cope with their strenuous lives. Feeding birds through the winter helps them survive and also gets them in condition for spring breeding. Often when their young are born, adult birds go without food to ensure their young are fed properly. They are therefore self reliant on us for food.

    1. Encouraging Birds

      Encouraging Birds

      Plants to help bird watchers
    2. Encouraging Butterflies

      Encouraging Butterflies

      Encourage graceful butterflies with our range of Plants