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Garden Features

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  1. Weather Vane - Man & Dog Quick View

    Weather Vane - Man & Dog

    Delivery within 14 days Man & Dog
  2. Wildfire Firepit with Grill Quick View

    Wildfire Firepit with Grill

    Despatch from May 2018 Wildfire Firepit with Grill
  3. Willington Bench Quick View

    Willington Bench

    Delivery within 21 days Bench
  4. Willow Gazebo Quick View

    Willow Gazebo

    Delivery within 21 days Gazebo
  5. Willow Gazebo Floor Quick View

    Willow Gazebo Floor

    Delivery within 21 days Floor for Willow Gazebo
  6. Winchester Arbour Quick View

    Winchester Arbour

    Delivery within 21 days Arbour
  7. Windmill Obelisk black Quick View

    Windmill Obelisk black

    Delivery within 7 days Windmill Obelisk
  8. Wine Bottle & Glass Caddy Quick View

    Wine Bottle & Glass Caddy

    Delivery within 7 days Wine Bottle & Glass Caddy
  9. Broadway Door Porch Quick View

    Broadway Door Porch

    Delivery within 14 days Door Porch
  10. Burford Door Porch Quick View

    Burford Door Porch

    Despatch from April 2018 Door Porch
  11. Garden Bistro Set Quick View

    Garden Bistro Set

    Bistro Set - Matt Grey or Matt White
  12. Malmo Chimenea Quick View

    Malmo Chimenea

    Delivery within 14 days Chimenea
  13. Malmo Chimenea with Log Store Quick View

    Malmo Chimenea with Log Store

    Delivery within 21 days Malmo Chimenea with log store
  14. Nowy Targ Set Quick View

    Nowy Targ Set

    Delivery within 14 days Nowy Targ Set - Table & Chairs
  15. Small Clay Swirl Chimenea Quick View

    Small Clay Swirl Chimenea

    Delivery within 21 days Swirl Chimenea
  16. Solar Bird Wall Plaque Quick View

    Solar Bird Wall Plaque

    Delivery within 14 days Bird Plaque
  17. Squat Cast & Steel Chimenea Quick View

    Squat Cast & Steel Chimenea

    Delivery within 21 days Cast Iron & Steel Chimenea
Showing 181 product(s)
Page 9 of 10