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Tulip Colour Collections

When it comes to tulips, we all have a favourite colour. Some of us go for the dreamy pinks every time, others favour the fiery oranges and then there are the classic whites.

Whichever you go for, our tulip colour collections mean you can enjoy a selection of 3 varieties in your favourite shade. Each tulip collection includes an early, mid and late season flowering variety, and you’ll receive 10 of each bulb to ensure you have a colourful display from March to May.

Our tulip collections of 30 bulbs are available in white, yellow, orange, pink, red, bronze, purple or black. That means you get to enjoy 3 different varieties in your favourite colour…and you’ll have flowers from early in the season until late. If you fancy creating a display featuring a mix of colours, choose your favourite collections and get creative with your colours.

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  1. Tulip Bulbs - Dwarf Collection Save 26% Quick View

    Tulip Bulbs - Dwarf Collection

    Despatch from September 2021 90 Bulbs (15 of each variety)
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