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Indoor Bulbs

Don't forget that bulbs aren't just for outdoors. This selection of varieties have been specially prepared to put on an outstanding show in your home. Simply plant them up in some of your favourite planters and in a matter of weeks, when they come into bud, be ready to move them into pride of place!

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  1. Colchicum Bulbs - Collection Quick View

    Colchicum Bulbs - Collection

    Despatch from 24/07/2020. 8 bulbs (2 of each variety)
  2. Amaryllis (Indoor) Bulb - Gervase Quick View

    Amaryllis (Indoor) Bulb - Gervase

    Despatch from September 2020 1 Bulb
  3. Amaryllis (Indoor) Bulb - Red Quick View

    Amaryllis (Indoor) Bulb - Red

    Despatch from September 2020 1 Bulb
  4. Amaryllis (Indoor) Bulb - White Quick View

    Amaryllis (Indoor) Bulb - White

    Despatch from September 2020 1 Bulb
  5. Narcissus papyraceus Bulbs Quick View

    Narcissus papyraceus Bulbs

    Despatch from September 2020 10 Bulbs
Showing 14 product(s)