Bedding Plants

Bedding plants offer a decorative display for flower borders, hanging baskets, beds and more! The best thing about bedding plants is the boost of colour they bring to your garden displays. Suttons has a full range of popular and specialist varieties for all seasons, to suit your needs.

We have 5 plants sizes to choose from, see below for more details

Special Offers on Bedding

If you like our bedding plant range, you’ll love the collection of offers we have on some of them! From traditional to more exotic plants in our variety of plug plant sizes, we’re sure you’ll find a good deal!

Bedding Themes

Selecting the right bedding plants for your garden is exciting but with a vast range of varieties to choose from, it can also be daunting. We’ve made it really easy for you to select the perfect partner by creating our Bedding plant themes. You’ll find plants to fit colour schemes, plants for every season and even an A-Z guide on bedding plants.

  1. Summer Bedding Plants

    Summer Bedding Plants

    Keep your garden looking vibrant with our range of colourful summer bedding plants.

  2. Autumn and Winter Bedding Plants

    Autumn and Winter Bedding Plants

    Keep your garden looking vibrant with our range of colourful autumn bedding plants.

  3. Themed Basket Collections

    Themed Basket Collections

    We’ve made it incredibly easy to search for the bedding plants you want by colour.

  4. A-Z Bedding Plants

    A-Z Bedding Plants

    If you know what you’re looking for, you can simply browse bedding plants A-Z.

  5. 9cm Potted Bedding Plants

    9cm Potted Bedding Plants

    Paint your garden with colour this summer, with our 9cm potted bedding...

  6. Super Sized Bedding

    Super Sized Bedding

    Fill those gaps in your borders with instant colour, or transform your summer patio!

  7. Add Some Perennials

    Add Some Perennials

    We’ve made it incredibly easy to search for the bedding plants you want by colour.


Popular Bedding Varieties

We offer bedding plants for shade or sunnier spots, all in a variation of sized plug plants and an array of potted plants to complement your space. From a bygone era, the Victorians started competing to have the best and most colourful gardens in the UK, and today competition has never been so fierce. Within our amazing bedding ranges below, we include gardener’s all-time favourites like Geraniums and Begonias to exciting new varieties!

Begonia Plants

Begonia Plants

With tropical heritage, Begonias have thousands of personas. Versatile, these plants are great for bedding, patio pots & borders.

Cosmos Plants

Cosmos Plants

Create a buzz about your garden with vibrant coloured Cosmos flowers. A real summer flower that attracts wildlife to your garden!

Geranium Plants

Geranium Plants

Vibrant colours, easy to grow & charming scents of summer. Geraniums are a favourite of gardeners everywhere! What’s not to love?

Lobelia Plants

Lobelia Plants

With rich blue colours, everything from hanging baskets to flower beds will look great with this versatile, must- have plant in!

Petunia Plants

Petunia Plants

Petunias are a beloved perennial bedding plant. Creating a burst of flowers throughout summer until the first autumn frosts.

Verbena Plants

Verbena Plants

With delicate stems, complimented by a vibrant mixture of flowers, these plants will add a graceful elegance to any garden.

6 Plant Sizes to Choose From!

Unsure which plug plant size you need for your flower bed or hanging basket? From extra value to super plugs, our handy guide will help you find out which plug plant is best for your needs to make sure you get the most out of your plants. It also gives you hints & tips on growing the various sized plants. Take a look at our guide below!

Extra Value Plugs

These are our best value plugs and come in packs of 45. We’ve germinated the seeds for you and grown them into small plants. They will need to be potted on, but each plant costs as little as 9p!

View Extra Value Plug Range  

Delivery From April

Value Plugs

These are larger than our Extra Value plugs. They’ll still need potting on but provide balance between value and effort. Our Value plugs come in packs of 20, from as little as 21p per plug.

View Value Plug Range  

Delivery From May

Garden Ready Plugs

These plugs are ready to plant in the ground and provide a great kick start to your summer bedding display. Our Garden Ready plugs come in packs of 15, from as just 38p per plug.

View Garden Ready Plug Range  

Delivery From Mid May

Super Plugs

Our Super Plugs are nurtured from cuttings to provide you with fantastic value and minimal effort. Ready to plant in the ground, our Super plugs come in packs of 6, from less than £1 per plug.

View Super Plugs Range  

Delivery From May

9cm Potted Plants

Our 9cm potted plants are amazing value and will give your garden a spectacular summer boost. For instant impact, our 9cm potted plants come in packs of 3, from just £1.66 per plant.

View 9cm Potted Plants Range  

Delivery From Early June Onwards

2 Litre Potted Plants

Our supersized range of bedding plants will certainly add a huge amount of colour and style to your garden. Enjoy our 3 for 2 offer on all super- sized bedding plants, from just £5.00 per plant.

View 2 Litre Potted Plants Range  

Delivery From July Onwards