Cucumber Seeds

Easy to grow, Low in calories and refreshing (cucumbers are 96% water). With Cucumbers the male flower has a skinny stem and the female one has a tiny cucumber, much thicker than the stem on the male flower. Usually the male flowers appear first (unless you are growing an all-female f1 variety in which case you may not see any male flowers.

Toby's Tip

I find the mildew resistant varieties particularly good for cropping later in the season. Hybrid seed is expensive, but then the yields are so much better than ordinary types.

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  1. Cucumber Baby F1 Seeds

    Cucumber Baby F1 Seeds

    6 Seeds
  2. Cucumber Carmen F1 Seeds

    Cucumber Carmen F1 Seeds

    5 Seeds
  3. Cucumber Rocky F1 Seeds

    Cucumber Rocky F1 Seeds

    4 Seeds
  4. Cucumber Seeds - Burpees Bush Champion

    Cucumber Seeds - Burpees Bush Champion

    8 Seeds
  5. Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    Average Seeds 25
  6. Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Passandra F1

    Single Packet or Bulk Pack
    More Info Pack Sizes From£3.79
  7. Cucumber Telegraph Improved Seeds

    Cucumber Telegraph Improved Seeds

    9 seeds
  8. Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds

    Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds

    Average Seeds 25
    More Info Currently Unavailable £1.39
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