New A-Z Flower Seeds 2021

Whether for indoors or out, flowers brighten up our lives and provide beautiful displays of colour. Our new flower seed highlights the very best varieties available to gardeners today.

We’ve added many unique varieties to our range for 2021, such as the Sweet Pea "Fire & Ice", which produce fantastic white, purple and pink flowers accompanied by a strong sweet fragrance!

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New A-Z Veg Seeds 2021

Grow your own produce and bring gourmet vegetables to your kitchen table with our range of new vegetable seed varieties. All our new veg has been chosen for their delicious & unique qualities.

This year we’ve added blight-resistant tomatoes, brilliant brassicas and more table topping treats! Why not fill your kitchen with the essentials such as carrots & herbs, or try a new & exciting veg variety today?

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New Organic Seeds 2021

We’ve grown our popular range of organic vegetable seeds to include an additional 9 wonderful varieties. Each have been produced organically, so you can best maintain your organic garden or try something new.

You’ll find mouth-watering varieties, with everything from colourful rainbow chard to tasty toms & beyond! Discover the Reisetomate, the ‘Voyager Tomato’ with individual segments an interesting heritage.

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Other Ranges

Our new seed varieties highlight the very best new additions to our range, but we also have returning customer favourites, which are equally exciting and vital to your garden. Attract pollinators, go native and discover botanical infusions below!

Rob Smith Range

A returning favourite, our Rob Smith ranges contain fantastic varieties you may have heard of and many that will be new to even the most experienced gardeners! Look out for Rob's Heritage Veg Seeds and create breath-taking displays with his Cut Flowers.

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Predators & Pollinators

Our Pollinators and Predators collection includes seeds for bees and other beneficial insects. The natural behaviours of pollinators and predators will increase your crop productivity and help to reduce insect pest numbers!

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Native British Wildflowers

Forget the meticulous borders and careful colour patterns, it's time to go wild in your garden! We’re bringing back some of our favourite native British flowers to capture the look of the beautiful English countryside at home.

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