Cherry Dwarf Fruit Tree - Stella

1 x 5 Litre Potted Tree


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Large, fleshy, normal sized fruit of intense red colour. Ripens in mid June. Cherry variety is Stella which has a maximum height after 7 years of 1m. Self-fertile. Supplied in a 4 litre pot at a height of approximately 70cm (27½").

All trees need pruning in some way and trees are very adaptable. What makes our patio range special is that they are quite happy in a pot for their lives, and naturally have an eventual height that does not exceed 2m, but they are just as happy and productive at 75cm. That is down to rootstock and the clonal selection.

Please see our supplier’s comments about his trees - In this image (under the main image) is a Garden Sun Red apple tree which I have grown in the same pot for the last 5 years. As you can see it is my height and that’s the height I wish it to be. It would be equally happy at 75cms though. Just to the left of me in the image is a patio almond which is now 7 yrs. old and as you can see that is just 75cms high and covered in fruits. It’s the size I wanted it to be.

For growing and planting advice read our leaflet The_Fruit_Garden.


Growing In containers

The fruit trees will need a sunny, sheltered position on the patio. Choose a 30 litre container or larger. Avoid plastic containers as they are light and more likely to be blown over. For added stability we would recommend using a heavier soil-based compost such as John Innes Number 3 potting compost. Good drainage is essential and small stones, or gravel should be placed in the bottom of the container. Place your fruit tree in the container so that the graft will be about 2–5cm (1″) above soil level.

Fill the container with compost to within 2.5cm (1″) of the rim, firming as you go and ensuring there are no air pockets around the roots. Keep the compost moist, and from flowering through to just before harvesting, feed with a high potash liquid fertiliser. When the tree is dormant, after 4–5 years replant the tree into a 35 litre or larger container, pruning it hard and also removing 20–30% of the roots.


Your young fruit tree will soon break into leaf in spring and provision of adequate moisture is vital. This will certainly involve regular watering in hot dry weather, at other times do not over water as this will encourage shallow rooting. A useful aid to watering is a piece of drainpipe which has holes drilled through it, sink this into the soil next to the stake prior to planting and it will allow water to be easily introduced at root level. Keep the area around your trees free from weeds as weed competition will retard their development.

A summer mulch of straw, compost or well-rotted manure will be beneficial to retain moisture and also to provide a trickle of nutrient. Apply when the soil is wet (after a storm is ideal!) and take care to avoid the mulch touching the trunk of the tree.

Pruning your fruit tree

The basis of all pruning is to maintain a balanced tree with a pleasing shape and a good open structure that allows plenty of light and air to get to the ripening fruits.

Poorly placed, damaged and diseased branches should be removed and a constant supply of new branches encouraged as the younger wood is far more productive and gives fruit of the highest quality. To this end as a rule of thumb it is usually better to over prune rather than the reverse.

Pruning is often a matter of imagination and over time you will become used to the way in which the removal of one branch will affect the development of others.

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