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Vegetable Growing Accessories

Growing your own vegetables is so rewarding but having the right tools makes the task easier. Get the right kit to grow veg with this selection of tools.

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  1. D.I.Y. Crop Cage Quick View

    D.I.Y. Crop Cage

    Tubing / Connector Kit
  2. Wooden Labels Quick View

    Wooden Labels

    Delivery within 3-5 days Pack of 50
  3. Hessian Sacks Quick View

    Hessian Sacks

    Delivery within 28 days 10 Sacks
  4. Cane Rings Quick View

    Cane Rings

    Buy 1 or 2 Packs
  5. Runner Bean Tower Quick View

    Runner Bean Tower

    Delivery within 28 days Tower x 1
  6. Biodegradable Netting Quick View

    Biodegradable Netting

    Delivery within 3-5 days Jute Netting
  7. Build a Board Quick View

    Build a Board

    Single Raised Bed Kit / Extension Kit
  8. Fibre Starter Cells  Quick View

    Fibre Starter Cells

    Delivery within 3-5 days 3 trays of 12 cells
  9. Potato Pots - Pack of 3 Quick View

    Potato Pots - Pack of 3

    Delivery within 3-5 days Pack of 3
  10. Pea & Bean Hoop Quick View Quick View

    Pea & Bean Hoop

    Base and Extension
    From £32.50
  11. Pea & Bean Hoops Quick View

    Pea & Bean Hoops

    Frames / Extension
  12. Pea & Bean Netting Quick View

    Pea & Bean Netting

    Delivery within 3-5 days Netting
  13. Pea Frame Quick View

    Pea Frame

    Delivery within 28 days Set of 3
  14. Carrot Patio Planters Quick View

    Carrot Patio Planters

    Delivery within 3-5 days 2 Planters
  15. Runner Bean Frames Quick View

    Runner Bean Frames

    Delivery within 28 days Runner Bean Frame
  16. LED Full Spectrum Grow Light Quick View

    LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

    Delivery within 3-5 days Grow Light
  17. Mini Garden Growing Success Kit Quick View

    Mini Garden Growing Success Kit

    Growing Kit, Extension Frame, Trolley
  18. Popadome Quick View


    Frame & individually Fleece Cover, Poly Cover, Net Cover
  19. Raised Bed Extension Quick View

    Raised Bed Extension

    Delivery within 3-5 days Raised Bed Extension Kit
  20. Haws Green Watering Can Quick View

    Haws Green Watering Can

    Despatch from August 2020 Haws Watering Can - GREEN
Showing 27 product(s)