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Rob Smith Heritage Veg Seed Range   

My range of Heritage veg has come from my love for gardening and allotment growing. Since I was a child helping my grandad on his allotment, I have loved all the wonderful old varieties that are available. My aim, along with Dobies, is to give you the chance to grow some of the older and rarer varieties that have stood the test of time and taste how veg used to. From the first tomato bred by Heinz which makes the BEST soup, to flying saucer shaped chillies and purple-podded peas, Heritage varieties have it all. 

I love the fact that there is a story behind each variety, a reason why its still grown and why it would make a great addition to your allotment or garden. Be it the peas which were swapped for a flagon of ale by a thirsty farmer (Champion of England), or the beetroot that was grown as a bedding plant by the victorians to show off their lobelia (Bulls Blood). Heritage veg should not only tell a story, they should taste amazing too. What better than an easy to grow squash that tastes like succulent sweet potato (Honey Boat), or the fantastic flavour of every child's favourite tomato soup (Heinz Souper Tomato 1350).

Why not have a go yourself, and enjoy!

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