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Garden Décor

If you are looking for inspiring garden gifts then look no further. Garden ornaments, windchimes, weathervanes and garden clocks. Garden sculptures and much more. The perfect gift for the home and garden.

  1. Landmark Frames

    Landmark Frames

    Garden frames ideal for your climbing beans and sweet peas. High quality finish for the garden.

  2. Gnomes


    Garden gnomes as you have never seen them! Wildly original for you to make a statement.

  3. Decorative Sculptures

    Decorative Sculptures

    Cast iron characters, charming and quirky sculptures to add character to your garden.

  4. Vintage Decoration

    Vintage Decoration

    Charming vintage and cast iron bells and hooks for your home and garden.

  5. Clocks


    Wall and outdoor clocks, weather stations and thermometers for your garden.

  6. Weather Vanes and Sundials

    Weather Vanes and Sundials

    Stunning decorative weather vanes and sundials for your roof, summer house or even the shed!

  7. Garden Art

    Garden Art

    Hand painted birds, quirky art and decorative wall art to enhance your garden.

  8. Wind Chimes

    Wind Chimes

    Beautiful and harmonic additions with these stunning windchimes.

  9. Stone Garden Ornaments

    Stone Garden Ornaments

    The Fairy Garden range, hand made in Devon and suitable for all gardens all year round.

  10. Lighting


    As beautiful in the day as at dusk or at night - our new outdoor lighting gifts are a must.

  11. Wind Spinners

    Wind Spinners

    Harness the power of nature and create movement in your garden with our selection of wind spinners.