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Gifts For The Kitchen

Gifts for the cook, gifts for the bottle washer and gifts for the kitchen. Hot sauce sets, scales, wine racks, brie baking sets, cheeseboards and coffee grinders. Aprons and gloves, mugs and egg cabinets, cutting boards and tea sets. And not forgetting the chocolate tea pot!

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  1. Cappuccino Artist Quick View

    Cappuccino Artist

    Delivery within 7 days Coffee Stamp
  2. Fresh Cheese Kit Quick View

    Fresh Cheese Kit

    Delivery within 7 days Cheese Kit
  3. Garden Birds - Mug / Flask Quick View

    Garden Birds - Mug / Flask

    Available Individually or Buy Both
  4. Lime Verbena Reed Diffuser Quick View

    Lime Verbena Reed Diffuser

    Delivery within 7 days Diffuser - Lime Verbena
  5. Avocado Cover Quick View

    Avocado Cover

    Delivery within 7 days Set of Two
  6. Gardener's Cutlery Set Quick View

    Gardener's Cutlery Set

    Delivery within 7 days Set of 4
  7. Herb Infuser Quick View

    Herb Infuser

    Delivery within 7 days Infuser
  8. The Coffee Dictionary Quick View

    The Coffee Dictionary

    Despatch from 06/12/2019. Hardback Book
  9. Terracotta Garlic Keeper Quick View

    Terracotta Garlic Keeper

    Delivery within 7 days Garlic Pot
  10. Tomato Tin - Biscuit / Tea Caddy Quick View

    Tomato Tin - Biscuit / Tea Caddy

    Tin of Biscuits / Tea Caddy
  11. Pop up Cup Quick View

    Pop up Cup

    Delivery within 7 days Cup
  12. Animal Faces Planter Duo Quick View

    Animal Faces Planter Duo

    Delivery within 7 days Planter Duo
Showing 96 product(s)
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