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Garden Art

A combination of distressed and edged galvanised steel designs that will look amazing on your patio or garden wall. Choose from cat or dog, bird, shaped or tall fir.

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  1. Mossy Mates (Pack of 3) Save 44% Quick View

    Mossy Mates (Pack of 3)

    Delivery within 7 days
  2. Moss Animals Quick View

    Moss Animals

    Dog or Cat
  3. Bird Trio Save 9% Quick View

    Bird Trio

    Despatch from 07/03/2018. Set of 3
  4. Flamingo Quick View


    Delivery within 7 days Flamingo
  5. Greenfinch Bird Quick View

    Greenfinch Bird

    Despatch from 07/03/2018. Greenfinch
  6. Peacock Reflecting Quick View

    Peacock Reflecting

    Delivery within 7 days Peacock
  7. Quick View


    Delivery within 7 days Stork
  8. Yellow Breast Bird Quick View

    Yellow Breast Bird

    Despatch from 07/03/2018. Yellow Breast
  9. Yellowhammer Bird Quick View

    Yellowhammer Bird

    Despatch from 07/03/2018. Yellowhammer
Showing 13 product(s)