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Decorative Sculptures

Decorative cast iron and painted sculptures for your garden or patio. Cast iron characters to delight, animals to brighten up your patio or deck, the almost obligatory pair of pheasants and of course… the acrobatic cast iron frog.

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  1. Decorative Wall Bee / Bee Stake Quick View

    Decorative Wall Bee / Bee Stake

    Available Individually or Buy Both
  2. Acrobatic Frog Quick View

    Acrobatic Frog

    Delivery within 7 days Frog
  3. Garden Decorative Tree Face Quick View

    Garden Decorative Tree Face

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Decorative Tree Face
  4. Hedgehog Key Caddy Quick View

    Hedgehog Key Caddy

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Key Caddy
  5. Metal Drinking Frog Quick View

    Metal Drinking Frog

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Drinking Frog
  6. Metal Fishing Frog Quick View

    Metal Fishing Frog

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Fishing Frog
  7. Metal Reading Frog Quick View

    Metal Reading Frog

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Reading Frog
  8. Perching Owl Quick View

    Perching Owl

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Owl
  9. Sleeping Boy Lawn Sculpture Quick View

    Sleeping Boy Lawn Sculpture

    Despatch from 31/08/2018. Sleeping Boy Sculpture
Showing 13 product(s)