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Rob Smith Garden Tools

Rob Smith Garden Tools

I've been using my grandads old wooden tools for years. in fact one spade is almost 70 this year. It's the type of tool i wanted you to be able to use and cherish too. Made using traditional methods, combined with modern engineering, these tools are really made to last.

This means you not only get a fantastic looking tool, but you know it will also last a lifetime. Each design has been put through its paces on my allotment, meaning each one is passed by me.

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My Half Bright tools range features all the benefits of the stainless steel range with the long multi-riveted ash filled ‘YD’ shaped handle but utilises a half bright carbon steel head. Most of the old tools you see in use today are carbon steel. The metal develops a patina over time and with use, this acts like a protective layer to the tool, meaning the metal lasts longer. Carbon steel tools are hard wearing and have the ability to be honed to perfection by the user, in fact the more you use them the better they get.

The term ‘Half Bright’ refers to the bright (polished) section of the blade traditionally done as in this case to show off the quality of the metal. I must admit, I think it also makes the tools look great! Carbon steel tools, like all tools, will need a bit of TLC every now and then to keep them in top shape and will last for years if looked after, just like the ones of my grandad’s still in use today."