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Potted Hedging

Potted hedging is perfect for those of you who need an instant hedge. Whether you’re filling holes in your borders or you just fancy the privacy of a beautiful hedge without waiting for it to mature, there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of potted hedging. If you plant your potted hedging during the summer months, bear in mind that you will need to water it regularly!

One of the best things about potted hedge plants is that you can plant them all year round (as opposed to bare root hedging which is best plants between October and February) and your plants are likely to be bushier and fuller than bare root choices. Because they’ll have been growing happily in a pot, these plants will have fully formed roots that will be quick to take to their new environment.

When it comes to spacing your hedge plants, there are some general guidelines to follow if you want to keep things simple. Assuming you’re keen for quick results, we’d suggest the below for potted hedge plants:

  • 2 litre pots – a suggested density is 4 per metre, but you can plant as few as 2 per metre and it is possible to fit in 6 (in a double row).
  • 5 litre pots – a suggested density is 3 per metre but 2 is fine and it is possible to fit in 4.
  • 10 litre pots – a suggested density is 2 per metre but 1 is fine and it is possible to fit in 3 (just!).
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