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Naturalising Bulbs

There are many emotional and physical benefits to gardening and spending time out of doors.

At RHS Chelsea, the Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘Back to Nature’ garden was designed as a tranquil place for both adults and children to retreat from the world. It was a place in which to play, learn, explore and create special memories against a naturalist backdrop of wild trees, shrubs and plants in a cool calm colour palette.

To help you get back to nature, you can now create a mini haven in your own space at home with our brilliant bulb collection!

These popular perennials will give a natural and informal look to your garden, with floral displays that you can enjoy for years to come. From pretty Primulas to lovely Lily of the Valley (and everything in between) by planting natural plant varieties you will be helping wildlife and attracting vital pollinators in your garden.

Choose from the following varieties for flowers from early spring through to summer.

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  1. Trillium Plant - Erectum Quick View

    Trillium Plant - Erectum

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 1 Bare Root Plant
  2. Anemone Rhizomes - Nemerosa Quick View

    Anemone Rhizomes - Nemerosa

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 15 Rhizomes
  3. Erythronium Bare Roots - Kondo Quick View

    Erythronium Bare Roots - Kondo

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 2 Bare Root Plants
  4. Trillium luteum (Yellow Wakerobin) Quick View

    Trillium luteum (Yellow Wakerobin)

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 1 Bare Root Plant
  5. Anemone Rhizomes - blanda Mix Quick View

    Anemone Rhizomes - blanda Mix

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 30 Rhizomes
  6. Erythronium Bare Root - Purple King Quick View

    Erythronium Bare Root - Purple King

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 1 Bare Root Plant
  7. Bluebells English Bulbs Quick View

    Bluebells English Bulbs

    Despatch from 02/09/2019. 20 Bulbs
Showing 26 product(s)
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Page 1 of 2