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Leek Seeds - Musselburgh

Leek Seeds - Musselburgh

Long stemmed

A hardy, traditional Scottish variety which produces long thick stems.

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    Leek Seeds - Musselburgh

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Sow thinly, 1.25cm (½") deep in drills 23cm (9") apart on an outdoor seed bed March-April. When seedlings are 20cm (8") high, transplant after watering the seed bed. Using a dibber, make holes 12.5-15cm (5-6") deep and 23-30cm (9-12") apart each way. Place a plant in each hole and fill with water to settle the roots. Water frequently and gradually earth up plants, continuing until October. Grow leeks of exhibition quality by sowing under glass in February. Harvest September-March

HEALTH BENEFITS: Anti bacterial and fungal. High in potassium (regulates heart rhythm, nerve impulses and muscle function), folic acid (required for the absorption of iron - important for healthy blood and the production of DNA maintaining cell structure) and vitamins A (for growth, healthy hair, skin, bones, teeth and eyes as well as resistance to respiratory infections) & C (anti-ageing, wound healing, decreasing blood cholesterol and prevention of infections. Assists the body in absorbing iron). COOKING HINTS: A traditional ingredient in soups and stews or as a boiled vegetable, but also try thinly sliced in stir-fries.