Lettuce Seeds

With the excellent selection of lettuce seeds at Dobies of Devon, you can grow fresh, great-tasting vegetables in your own garden.

Perfect for use in sandwiches or salads, growing your own lettuce is perfect for kick-starting your healthy eating regime. We have seeds for many different varieties of lettuce, including Little Gem, Red Iceberg and Lollo Rossa.

Take a look at our extensive selection of lettuce seeds for sale and place your order online.

Growing other vegetables for your salad? We also stock a range of tomatocucumber and carrot seeds.

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  1. Lettuce All-The-Year-Round Seeds

    Lettuce All-The-Year-Round Seeds

    Average Seeds 1300
  2. Lettuce Ashbrook Seeds

    Lettuce Ashbrook Seeds

    Average Seeds 500
  3. Lettuce Buttercrunch Seeds

    Lettuce Buttercrunch Seeds

    Average Seeds 1550
  4. Lettuce Delicato Seeds

    Lettuce Delicato Seeds

    Average Seeds 500
  5. Lettuce Diana Seeds

    Lettuce Diana Seeds

    Average Seeds 500
  6. Lettuce Edox Seeds

    Lettuce Edox Seeds

    Average Seeds 200
  7. Lettuce Granada Seeds

    Lettuce Granada Seeds

    Average Seeds 550
  8. Lettuce Lakeland Seeds

    Lettuce Lakeland Seeds

    Average Seeds 850
  9. Lettuce Mixture Seeds

    Lettuce Mixture Seeds

    Average Seeds 1400
  10. Lettuce Nymans Seeds

    Lettuce Nymans Seeds

    Average Seeds 220
  11. Lettuce Red Iceberg Seeds

    Lettuce Red Iceberg Seeds

    Average Seeds 200
  12. Lettuce Robinson Seeds

    Lettuce Robinson Seeds

    Average Seeds 200
  13. Lettuce Seeds - Crisp Mint Romaine

    Lettuce Seeds - Crisp Mint Romaine

    Average Seeds 500
  14. Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem

    Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem

    Single or Triple Pack
    More Info Pack Sizes From£1.19
  15. Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem Amaze

    Lettuce Seeds - Little Gem Amaze

    Average Seeds 180
  16. Lettuce Seeds - Lollo Rossa

    Lettuce Seeds - Lollo Rossa

    Average Seeds 1100
  17. Lettuce Seeds - Multigreen 3

    Lettuce Seeds - Multigreen 3

    Average seeds 200
  18. Lettuce Seeds - Salad Bowl

    Lettuce Seeds - Salad Bowl

    More Info Pack Sizes From£1.19
  19. Lettuce Seeds - Webb's Wonderful

    Lettuce Seeds - Webb's Wonderful

    More Info Pack Sizes From£0.99
  20. Lettuce Tom Thumb Seeds

    Lettuce Tom Thumb Seeds

    Average Seeds 1400
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