Vegetable Seeds

'Dobies of Devon - Judged best value for money (the only 5-star rated company!), and overall top-scoring seed supplier in Which? tests November 2014

Dobies of Devon is proud to bring you a fantastic selection of top-quality vegetable seeds.

Tending to a vegetable patch can be incredibly rewarding, as well as helping to cut your weekly spend on food significantly. From carrot seeds to pepper seeds, we have everything you need to grow your own veg at home.

Our range is specially chosen to give you quality, high-yielding vegetables. All of our seeds are free from post-harvest chemical treatment, making them ideal for those looking for organic vegetable seeds.

Browse the complete collection below and place your order online today!

  1. Vegetable Seed Collections

    Vegetable Seed Collections

  2. Veg Seeds Under £1.26

    Veg Seeds Under £1.26

  3. All Vegetable Seeds

    All Vegetable Seeds

    Browse the Full Range of Vegetable Seeds
  4. Aubergine Seeds

    Aubergine Seeds

    Grow your own great tasting Aubergines
  5. Beetroot Seeds

    Beetroot Seeds

    Quality Beetroot Seed range for you to grow
  6. Broad Bean Seeds

    Broad Bean Seeds

    View our top quality range of Broad Bean Seeds
  7. Broccoli Seeds

    Broccoli Seeds

    High in Vitamin A & C make sure to sow your broccoli seeds
  8. Brussel Sprout Seeds

    Brussel Sprout Seeds

    Not just a Christmas Favourite, Make sure to plant your Brussels
  9. Cabbage Seeds

    Cabbage Seeds

    You too can grow cabbages all year round.
  10. Carrot Seeds

    Carrot Seeds

    Only the best Carrot Seed Varieties make it in the range.
  11. Cauliflower Seeds

    Cauliflower Seeds

    Get the best start with superior seeds
  12. Celery Seeds

    Celery Seeds

    Great taste and low in calories, a gardener favourite
  13. Courgette Seeds

    Courgette Seeds

    Great for stir frys picked fresh from the plant
  14. Cucumber Seeds

    Cucumber Seeds

    Easy to grow and refreshing
  15. French Bean Seeds

    French Bean Seeds

    Delicious, productive and relatively easy to grow!
  16. Garlic Bulbs

    Garlic Bulbs

  17. Green Manure

    Green Manure

    Incorporate Nutrients into your Soil!
  18. Kale Seeds

    Kale Seeds

  19. Kohl Rabi Seeds

    Kohl Rabi Seeds

  20. Leek Seeds

    Leek Seeds

  21. Lettuce Seeds

    Lettuce Seeds

  22. Marrow Seeds

    Marrow Seeds

  23. Mushroom Plug and Kits

    Mushroom Plug and Kits

    Grow your Own Mushrooms!
  24. Onion Seeds

    Onion Seeds

  25. Pak Choi Seeds

    Pak Choi Seeds

  26. Parsnip Seeds

    Parsnip Seeds

  27. Pea Seeds

    Pea Seeds

  28. Pepper Seeds

    Pepper Seeds

  29. Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin Seeds

  30. Radish Seeds

    Radish Seeds

  31. Rocket Seeds

    Rocket Seeds

  32. Runner Bean Seeds

    Runner Bean Seeds

  33. Salad Seeds

    Salad Seeds

  34. Spinach Seeds

    Spinach Seeds

  35. Squash Seeds

    Squash Seeds

  36. Swede seeds

    Swede seeds

  37. Sweetcorn Seeds

    Sweetcorn Seeds

  38. Tomato Seeds

    Tomato Seeds

  39. Turnip Seeds

    Turnip Seeds

  40. Micro Herbs

    Micro Herbs