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Chicken Feed, Feeders and Drinkers

Feeders and drinkers come in many sizes and are either robust plastic or galvanised metal. We prefer plastic as it is cheaper and easier to clean. They are light and portable so can be easily refilled and put away at night to deter vermin. Chickens are great scratchers and by choice would send their feed flying in all directions. So, a good feeder is designed to allow the chickens easy access whilst keeping their feet out. Pellets or mash will be given in the feeder. We recommend that free access is given to this throughout the day but some keepers prefer to just provide it in the morning and make the chicken’s forage for food for the rest of the day. As with so much of chicken keeping it is down to personal choice and experience. Mixed grain, maize or wheat is a treat for chickens, they love it. Given the chance some people will fill up on yummy sweets and snacks and then not be able to manage a proper meal and chickens are no different. They will always choose to eat grain rather than balanced compound food. So, grain needs to be fed as a treat and the best time is an hour or two before bedtime. A crop full of slow-to-digest corn will help to keep the hens warm on a cold night. Mixed grit should always be available and is best given in a separate grit hopper. Chickens drink a surprising amount of water. They drink little and often and so must have clean, fresh water available throughout the day. In winter ensure that the water remains unfrozen and in a hot summer place the drinker in the shade.

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  1. Allen & Page Mixed Corn - 5 kg x 2 Bags Save 8% Quick View

    Allen & Page Mixed Corn - 5 kg x 2 Bags

    Delivery within 7 days 5 kg x 2 Bags
  2. Eton TSF Feeder - Red 3kg Quick View

    Eton TSF Feeder - Red 3kg

    Delivery within 7 days Red Feeder - 3kg
  3. Trough Feeder - 50cm Quick View

    Trough Feeder - 50cm

    Delivery within 7 days 50cm Orange
  4. Chick Trough - 40cm Quick View

    Chick Trough - 40cm

    Delivery within 7 days Trough - 40cm
  5. Eton TSF Feeder - Red 6kg Quick View

    Eton TSF Feeder - Red 6kg

    Delivery within 7 days Red Feeder - 6kg
Showing 16 product(s)