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Propagators and Propagating Equipment

Growing from seed is a fulfilling activity in the garden and we have lots of ideas to help you propagate your seedlings into strong, healthy plants.

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  1. Cell Tray Kit Quick View

    Cell Tray Kit

    Delivery within 7 days 5 Cell Trays & Compost
  2. Grow Table Lid Quick View

    Grow Table Lid

    XXL Lid or Super XXL Lid
  3. Grow Table Quick View

    Grow Table

    Grow Table
  4. Grow Table & Lid Quick View

    Grow Table & Lid

    Grow Table & Lid - Buy both for XXL or Super XXL
  5. Geopod Heated Propagators Save 8% Quick View

    Geopod Heated Propagators

    Heated Propagators - 2 sizes available
    From£125.00 RRP £136.99
  6. Rootrainers Quick View


    1 or 2 Rootrainers
  7. Enviromesh Quick View


    Delivery within 7 days Enviromesh
  8. Grow Pot Quick View

    Grow Pot

    Buy 1 or 3 - 17cm or 30cm
  9. Super 7 Propagator + 106 Pots Save 36% Quick View

    Super 7 Propagator + 106 Pots

    Delivery within 7 days Propagator & Pots
  10. One Top Electric Propagator Quick View

    One Top Electric Propagator

    Delivery within 7 days Electric Propagator with 12 FREE POTS
  11. Pop-up GardenGuard™ Tunnel Quick View

    Pop-up GardenGuard™ Tunnel

    Delivery within 7 days Pop-up Tunnel
  12. ROOT!T T5 Light System Quick View

    ROOT!T T5 Light System

    Delivery within 7 days Light System
  13. Propagator Kit Quick View

    Propagator Kit

    Delivery within 7-14 days Propagator Kit
  14. Seed Trays and Lids - Windowsill Size Quick View

    Seed Trays and Lids - Windowsill Size

    Trays & Lids - Windowsill Size
  15. Biodegradable Pots Save 62% Quick View

    Biodegradable Pots

    Biodegradable Pots x 2 Packs
    £3.00 RRP £7.98
Showing 30 product(s)