Garden Planters

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  1. 25cm Hanging Baskets

    25cm Hanging Baskets

    More Info Pack Sizes From£10.99
  2. Alpine Planter

    Alpine Planter

    More Info Pack Sizes From£12.99
  3. Carrot Patio Planters

    Carrot Patio Planters

    2 Planters
  4. Carrot Patio Planters plus FREE seeds

    Carrot Patio Planters plus FREE seeds

    More Info Pack Sizes From£14.99
  5. Cube Pots

    Cube Pots

    Set of 4 Pots
  6. Flexi Copper Tape

    Flexi Copper Tape

    More Info Pack Sizes From£8.99
  7. Flower Tower

    Flower Tower

    More Info Pack Sizes From£17.99
  8. Galvanised Zinc Pots

    Galvanised Zinc Pots

    Set of 12
  9. Growthroughs


    More Info Pack Sizes From£15.99
  10. Growtub Planters

    Growtub Planters

    Pack of 3 Growtub planters
  11. Half Barrel Planters

    Half Barrel Planters

    Pack of 4 Planters
  12. Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Supports

    Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Supports

    More Info Pack Sizes From£8.99
  13. Living Wall Planters

    Living Wall Planters

    Wall Planters x 3
  14. Marberry Barrel Planter

    Marberry Barrel Planter

    Barrel Planter
  15. Marberry Obelisk

    Marberry Obelisk

  16. Patio Planters - Bowl Taupe

    Patio Planters - Bowl Taupe

    Taupe Bowl
  17. Patio Planters - Planter Black

    Patio Planters - Planter Black

    Black Planter
  18. Patio Planters - Planter Taupe

    Patio Planters - Planter Taupe

    Taupe Planter
  19. Patio Planters - Pot Black

    Patio Planters - Pot Black

    Black Pot
  20. Patio Planters - Pot Taupe

    Patio Planters - Pot Taupe

    Taupe Pot
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