Garden Planters

Find the perfect home for your plants and flowers in the range of garden planters online at Dobies of Devon.

We have an extensive selection of products, including a great range of hanging baskets — they’re perfect for displaying your fabulous flowers in summer.

Looking for something different? Check out our unusual collection of pots, planters, beds and obelisks, and make a statement in your garden.

Browse the products below and order garden planters online today. Why not take a look at our flowers and perennial plants too?

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  1. 25cm Hanging Baskets

    25cm Hanging Baskets

    More Info Pack Sizes From£10.99
  2. Alpine Planter

    Alpine Planter

    More Info Pack Sizes From£12.99
  3. Carrot Patio Planters

    Carrot Patio Planters

    2 Planters
  4. Carrot Patio Planters plus FREE seeds

    Carrot Patio Planters plus FREE seeds

    More Info Pack Sizes From£14.99
  5. Flexi Copper Tape

    Flexi Copper Tape

    More Info Pack Sizes From£8.99
  6. Flower Tower

    Flower Tower

    More Info Pack Sizes From£17.99
  7. Galvanised Zinc Pots

    Galvanised Zinc Pots

    Set of 12
  8. Growthroughs


    More Info Pack Sizes From£15.99
  9. Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Supports

    Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Supports

    More Info Pack Sizes From£8.99
  10. Living Wall Planters

    Living Wall Planters

    Wall Planters x 3
  11. Marberry Barrel Planter

    Marberry Barrel Planter

    Barrel Planter
  12. Marberry Obelisk

    Marberry Obelisk

  13. Mini Garden Growing Success Kit

    Mini Garden Growing Success Kit

    Growing Kit, Extension Frame, Trolley
    More Info Pack Sizes From£11.99
  14. Patio Planters - Bowl Taupe

    Patio Planters - Bowl Taupe

    Taupe Bowl
  15. Patio Planters - Planter Black

    Patio Planters - Planter Black

    Black Planter
  16. Patio Planters - Planter Taupe

    Patio Planters - Planter Taupe

    Taupe Planter
  17. Patio Planters - Pot Black

    Patio Planters - Pot Black

    Black Pot
  18. Patio Planters - Pot Taupe

    Patio Planters - Pot Taupe

    Taupe Pot
  19. Patio Planters - Trough Black

    Patio Planters - Trough Black

    Black Trough
  20. Patio Planters - Trough Taupe

    Patio Planters - Trough Taupe

    Taupe Trough
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