Grow Your Own Accessories

Ensure you have the correct equipment to grow healthy plants, fruit and trees by shopping the selection of grow your own accessories online at Dobies of Devon.

We have everything from sturdy wheelbarrows to planters, pots and sieves. Whatever you require, you will be spoilt for choice in our excellent range.

Browse the collection of products below and place your order online today. Remember to check out our full range of garden equipment too!

  1. Propagators and Propagating Equipment

    Propagators and Propagating Equipment

    Equipment to raise your seedlings into healthy young plants.
  2. Growbags


  3. Irrigation Kits

    Irrigation Kits

  4. Fertiliser


    A key ingredient to help your garden grow
  5. Raised Bed Gardening

    Raised Bed Gardening

    Raised beds are an ideal way to grow vegetables - or flowers.
  6. Potting On

    Potting On

  7. Hanging Baskets Accessories

    Hanging Baskets Accessories

    Get the tools to create a hanging display you'll be proud of.
  8. Compost


    Developed by Dobies and used on our trials
  9. Plant Feed

    Plant Feed

  10. Accessories


    Over 500 products to choose from
  11. Potato Planting

    Potato Planting

  12. Garden Planters

    Garden Planters

    Pots and containers for your garden