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Rob Smith Cut Flowers

Rob Smith Cut Flower Range   

"I've always loved cut flowers, but it wasn't until i was on the BBC's Big Allotment Challenge, that i discovered i really enjoyed arranging them too. From Zinnia to Rudbeckia, Cornflowers to Cosmos, there are different ways to make each stand out."

Everyone knows the more you dead head your flowers, the more the plant will bloom. That's what you are doing with my Cut and Come Again range.  However instead of waiting for the flowers to begin dying before you dead head them, you actually cut the flower at its best. This means you have fantastic blooms to use, and the plant puts all its energy into creating more beautiful flowers for you to 'Cut-and-come-again'.

We've divided or range into three types of cut flowers for arranging

  • Fillers are the 'can can' girls of the arrangement, they look impressive but they are there to support the Thriller. They also help 'fill'out' the arrangement and make it look bigger and bolder

  • Spillers can either fall away from the main arrangement down the sides, or they can spike up and out of the arrangement. They help create depth to the other flowers and help it feel more natural.

  • Thrillers are the star of the show, the flower you want to show off and be your centrepiece. One or two of each Thriller, Filler and Spiller can turn a good bunch of flowers into a great arrangement

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    Sweet Sultan - Imperialis Mixed

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 120
  2. Tithonia Seeds - Red Torch Quick View

    Tithonia Seeds - Red Torch

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 70
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    Zinnia Plants - Queen Red Lime

    Despatch from 24/05/2017. 15 Garden Ready Plugs
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    Zinnia Seeds - Illumination

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 50
Showing 26 product(s)
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