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Easy-Grow Annual Bedding Plants
Over the years, we have continually led the way in supplying the highest quality patio and bedding plants by post, from the introduction of our first seedlings in 1979, to today's extensive range of top class varieties. Since the early days, many thousands of keen gardeners, just like you, have enjoyed the convenience of ordering from us - with confidence that they will receive plants of the highest quality.

They come in a range of sizes - click here for details of our plant sizes. And don't miss out on our range of perennial plants, they're the perfect partners for your annual bedding plants.

If you have ordered plants and would like to know the latest despatch information, view the Plant Despatch Schedule

  1. All Flower Plants

    All Flower Plants

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    Flower Plants A to O

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    Flower Plants P to Z

  4. Flowers for Hanging Baskets

    Flowers for Hanging Baskets

    The perfect flower varieties for hanging baskets
  5. Container Plants

    Container Plants

    View our range of plants suitable for containers and pots
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    Flower Collections

    Great value collections for your garden
  7. Drought Tolerant Plants

    Drought Tolerant Plants

    When you want a hardy plant look no further.
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    Rose Plants

  9. Pick and Mix Flower Plants

    Pick and Mix Flower Plants

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    Perennial Offers