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  1. Acer palmatum Plants

    Acer palmatum Plants

    Japanese Maple 3 Bare Root Plants
  2. Address Book

    Address Book

    Hardback Book
  3. Berberis thunbergii Plants - Atropurpurea

    Berberis thunbergii Plants - Atropurpurea

    3 Bare Root Plants
  4. Big Hug Tea Towel

    Big Hug Tea Towel

    Buy 1 or 2
    More Info Pack Sizes From£3.99
  5. Bits & Bobs Kit

    Bits & Bobs Kit

    Tin of essential items
  6. Butterfly Bookmark

    Butterfly Bookmark

    Bookmark x 1 or 2
    More Info Pack Sizes From£4.99
  7. Chaenomeles japonica Plants

    Chaenomeles japonica Plants

    Japanese Quince 3 Bare Root Plants
  8. Cotton Hankies

    Cotton Hankies

    Ladies Hankies
    More Info Pack Sizes From£6.99
  9. Deutzia scabra Plants

    Deutzia scabra Plants

    3 Bare Root Plants
  10. Fat Bird Cupcakes

    Fat Bird Cupcakes

    Two Kits
  11. Felt Bags

    Felt Bags

    2 Bags
  12. Fly Away - Dragonfly

    Fly Away - Dragonfly

  13. Kitchen Garden Gift Box

    Kitchen Garden Gift Box

    Gift Set
  14. Lighthouse Flashlight

    Lighthouse Flashlight

  15. Manicure Set Save 67%

    Manicure Set

    Manicure Set
    More Info Add to Basket RRP £16.99 £5.49
  16. Odes for Oldies

    Odes for Oldies

    Hardcover Book
  17. Paws Sign

    Paws Sign

    Wooden Sign
  18. Philadelphus Plants - 'Virginal'

    Philadelphus Plants - 'Virginal'

    Mock Orange 3 Bare Root Plants
  19. Rose Plant - Caroline Victoria

    Rose Plant - Caroline Victoria

    Bush 1 Bare Root Plant
  20. Rose Plant - Compassion

    Rose Plant - Compassion

    Climber 1 Bare Root Plant
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